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Demo Forms

Credit Loan Calculation Form

Calculate the monthly repayment on a real estate loan with the option to set a sliding scale for borrowed amount and loan term.

Use cases: Real estate loan calculation, car finance calculation, calculations with interest

Rent a vehicle form with datepicker and timepicker options. Form can be set for the vehicle to be picked up from select locations and for payment or deposit collection via Paypal, Stripe or Razorpay on form submission.

Use cases: rent a vehicle, book a tour, rent a room, limousine bookings

Services or products subscription form. Options to select features with custom pricing and quantity. Icons can be substituted with custom images. Payment or subscription collection on form submission via Paypal, Stripe or Razorpay

Use cases: Monthly or weekly subscription to any product or service, subscription gift boxes, online training course subscription

Airbnb, hotel room or vacation rental booking form with datepicker. Layered image for varying options displayed based on conditional logic. Option to collect deposit or payment on booking

Use cases: online room reservation, restaurant table reservation, home delivery service, food and beverage pickup booking